Proudly African, Proudly Canadian

Hello, I’m Juliet Dakpo, welcome to my digital home.  I am an African Canadian. Not only because I’m of African decent and live in Canada, but because I was born and raised in Africa (Ghana, Nigeria & Botswana). I moved to Canada in 2000 and have made this my home base, but I aspire to one day become a digital nomad.


How I Got Into Online Marketing:

I’ve been in the Online Marketing industry since I graduated from York University in 2006. I started out as an Online Ad Trafficker working on major brands such as Canadian Living, Nestle, McDonald, Ford, Chrysler and many more. At that time, online advertising was not as big as it is now, and though these brands were advertising online, they didn’t fully understand the power of having an online presence. Over time, through analytics and brand management, their web presence has improved in leaps and bounds, and I’ve been privileged to be a part of their journey.


I’ve pulled campaign reports to analyze why one campaign worked but another did not. I’ve come up with strategies to rescue a failing campaign and helped big brands engage with their audiences. With the explosion of social media, these big corporate brands sought to capture their audience on a personal level, and the more social media grew, the bigger corporate brands grew and I saw first hand how their brand names were strategically built and projected through social media and an online presence.


Why Personal Branding:

Years ago, a man or woman who had nothing else to his or her name, had at the very least, their name. And that name was protected with fervor, something that perhaps we have lost in today’s generation.

Your name is your brand. When people hear your name or think about your name, they have a certain impression of you. That impression could be good or bad, depending on how well you have “branded” yourself. Do people have good things to say about you? Do they know you at all? Can a friend comfortably recommend you for a job at their workplace? What emotion does your name evoke in others? What does your brand say about you?

When people found out that potential employers and current employers were monitoring social networks to check on their employees, everyone was quick to hide their profiles and in doing so could have missed a great opportunity to stand out. You don’t need to be a celebrity to brand yourself. You could be a student, a new graduate, a seasoned employee, a new or seasoned entrepreneur. Managing your brand will help you stand out amongst your peers. Managing your brand is more than having web presence and social media accounts, it about positioning yourself as a subject matter expert (SME) in your field of passion (FOP). I would like to use my expertise in online marketing, to help you make your name a brand that stands out amongst your peers.


How I Stay Sane:

When I’m not working, I’m spending time with God, engaging with my community, dancing, spending time with friends and family, playing video games, finding places I can travel to, and taking care of my bearded dragon.


My Motto:

Be Excellent, Provide Value, Serve Others, Produce extraordinary results and Enjoy The Journey.

I had an event in Canada and two weeks to the event I brought Juliet in to help with a marketing plan and strategy. My goals were set but Juliet came up with a new marketing plan and new target figures. I thought she was pushing it but I was wrong. Show brought in almost $2000 more than my original numbers.

I recommend Juliet to anyone. If you follow her strategies you will be amazed of the results. I am going to be a published author this April just by following her inputs.
Akwetey Basil Amaah

Rabbi, Kingdom Of Kings Academy

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