Online Business Starter Course

Get Started On Your Online Business With This Step By Step, Easy To Follow Course

Have You Ever Said Or Had Any Of These Thoughts?
  • I need to figure out what my niche is so I can actually serve my community
  • I don’t have a talent or I don’t know what my talent is
  • I’m struggling with marketing and how to grow through social media
  • I’m looking for step by step strategy to attract customers who will pay for my products or services
  • I need help establishing an effective marketing strategy.
  • My issue is attracting my targeted audience
  • My marketing efforts aren’t working.  I need help
  • How do I attract clients that can appreciate quality products over price?


You get access to the Discover Your Talent & Brand Course AND the Discover Your Tribe Course
  • Short digestible videos from the personal branding statement webinar
  • The personal branding statement workbook
  • 3 bonus videos to help you dig deeper and deal with some limiting beliefs
  • Discovering your tribe webinar video
  • Discovering your tribe workbook
  • How to use Survey Monkey OR Google Forms to get answers from your target audience
  • How to use Facebook Audience Insights to find your ideal client
  • How to use Twitter Analytics to see who is on twitter and if they care about your offer
  • MP3 versions of the webinars and tutorials if you prefer to listen on the go, then come back to do the work later.
  • An awesome video I found on youtube to support my wacky ideas.

The Breakdown Of Each Course

  • 17 pages of self discovery questions. You can print it out or fill it in on your devices.
  • Step by step process to craft your personal brand statement
  • How to create a personal branding statement webinar replay
  • Guided videos for each section of the workbook
  • MP3 versions of the videos to listen on the go.
  • At the end of this processes you will confidently state Who you are, Why you are here, and Who you are here for.
  • You will have the copy you need to use for your about page, and social media bio to generate interest and sales.

  • 13 pages workbook. You can print it out or fill it in on your devices.
  • 5 Bonus video tutorials of how to use, survey monkey, google forms, facebook audience insights, twitter audience insights & google trends.
  • Step by step process to define your ideal tribe member and their pain points
  • Discover your tribe webinar replay
  • MP3 versions of the videos to listen on the go.
  • At the end of this processes you will have a clearly defined target audience, for marketing and product/services creation.

No Thanks, I’ll Figure It Out On My Own

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